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About (3)

Per city code: because I operate my business out of my home I cannot have a storefront, retail displays, or retail traffic. As such, I am open for business on an appointment only basis. The good news is, I can be very accommodating for appointments. I am willing to schedule at unconventional times to meet the needs of customers with busy lives, like my own.

I operate my business out of my home, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA.

Hello, my name is Joel Peterson. I am the owner of JP Ventures of Minnesota, LLC (dba JP Leathers and Lasers, and dba JP Custom Firearms). For my bio, click here.

Firearms (8)

Yes, and no. For all intents and purposes yes, I am licensed to deal in “type 3” firearms, more properly referred to as simply NFA (firearms that fall under the National Firearms Act of 1934). This act covers items such as machine guns, silencers (suppressors), Short Barreled Rifles (SBR), and Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS).

Most dealers are type 01 – Firearms Dealers/gunsmiths, or type 02 – Pawn Brokers. If these dealers wish to sell NFA items, they need to purchase a Special Occupation Tax Stamp (SOT3), thus the misnomer for NFA items of Class 3. As an FFL 07 – Manufacturer, the Special Occupation Tax Stamp that applies to me for dealing with NFA goods is an SOT2.

Yes, I can make/sell machine guns, suppressors, and SBRs.

Yes, I have a limited number of suppressors on hand for immediate sale. Here’s the catch… With the purchase of a Suppressor comes the necessity to purchase an NFA Tax Stamp. I can sell you the Suppressor today, but you won’t be able to take possession of it until you have the tax stamp. The current wait time on Suppressor Tax Stamps is about 8-13 months depending ENTIRELY on the ATF and FBI’s processing of your background check. This is the same wait period whether you buy from me directly, through my Silencer Shop Webpage (https://www.silencershop.com/), or at your local big box store. The wait time is controlled by the ATF.

I do not offer finishing services, but I do have contacts in the industry that can. I can point you to them, or I can incorporate their services into a custom build for you. When I outsource services like gunsmithing or Cerakoting, you pay what I pay; I don’t mark up on those services.

Although I am a Federal Firearms Licensed Manufacturer, I am not a trained gunsmith. I can build firearms for you, and I can modify firearms for you. When it comes to traditional gunsmithing services like threading a barrel or glass bedding an action, I can recommend reputable gunsmiths. I can also sub-out gunsmithing services for you to incorporate into any custom build. When I do that, you will pay what I pay for the smithing, I don’t mark that up.

Yes, I do Firearms transfers. Prior to having any firearms sent to JP Custom Firearms, please contact via email, phone, or text to alert me of the incoming firearm, and to set an appointment for pickup.

All firearms sent me should only go to my secured shipping address:

JP Custom Firearms

Attn: Joel Peterson

4170 W Division St

Suite 140

St Cloud, MN 56302


You can supply your selling dealer with this copy of my FFL.  This shipping address will receive and sign for packages from all shipping companies (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, etc.).

Yes, you may purchase guns online and I will ship them to an FFL (Federal Firearms License dealer) of your choice. You will need to provide me with your local dealer’s FFL number prior to shipment.

Yes, I can get most firearms, and often I’m able to sell them for less than the big box stores, but there are some items that I can’t get dealer pricing on (e.g. Benelli) because the manufacturers will not allow their inventory to be sold by home-based dealers. Others may require large buy-ins that place small businesses like mine out of play.

If I can’t get the item you’re looking for, or I can’t get it for a price that would make it worth your while, I will tell you up front, and if possible I’ll point you to a dealer that can help you.

I never charge transfer fees for firearms or suppressors purchased from JP Custom Firearms. If you purchase your firearm(s) and/or suppressors from another vendor and wish to have me perform the transfer, my transfer fees are listed here:

Handguns: $25

Long guns: $25

NFA – SBR, Suppressor, etc.: $100 (includes Form 4)

** Before you have firearms sent to JP Custom Firearms, please read this!




Lasers (2)

I currently have two lasers. I have a 100w CO2 gantry laser with rotary attachment, and a 60w MOPA JPT M7 Fiber Laser with rotary attachment.

  • Laser Marking is a process of changing the color of the surface by heating with a laser, similar to annealing, fire-marking, or heat coloring.
  • Laser Etching is a process in which a laser is used to etch the surface of an item.  Often times this is used to etch the anodized surface of metal items such as AR receivers, aluminum flashlights, anodized knife blades, or aluminum business cards.
  • Laser Engraving, or Deep Engraving goes beyond the surface finish, and into the item’s substrate.  This is often used for decorative engraving such as scrollwork, or for permanent identification marking such as serial numbers. Laser engraving can also be used to completely burn away a surface layer, such as Cerakote, or powder coating.

Leathers (2)

Sorry, I do not work with imitation leather products. Working with synthetics is very different than working with genuine leather. For a consistent, quality product, I always work with genuine leathers and hides.

All of my leather goods are hand crafted by me, in my home.

Payment (2)

I’m sorry but I do not offer layaway or in-store credit at this time.

Using Authorize.net, I can accept your online credit/debit payments using the highest industry standard of security and confidentiality. Online I can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. In person I can accept cash. For purchases of firearms only, I can also accept personal checks. I’m sorry, I do not accept PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, etc.

Pricing (2)

Yes, many of my products do receive volume discounts. Some items have the volume discounts built into the pricing structure in my online store. If you’re looking to purchase a quantity of items that do not have tiered pricing built in, contact me for a volume discount by email.

Not a marketing ploy!  You’re already on my site, the last thing I want to do is add a barrier between you and a purchase. 

When a company uses slogans like, “Priced too low to advertise” or requires the potential customer to add an item to their cart to see pricing, it’s usually because the manufacturer, or wholesaler that the retailer purchased the item from has invoked a Minimum Advertised Price or MAP.  In order for the retailer to stay in good graces with the manufacturer or wholesaler that required the MAP, the retailer can’t advertise prices below the MAP, but in most cases they can still sell below it.  They just need the customer to ask for the price that’s set below MAP.  MAP pricing is usually set to protect small businesses like myself, but it frustrates me too.  Rest assured, I will not require you to identify all your private information just to see a price.  Add it to the cart; if you don’t like the price, simply remove the item from the cart.

Shipping (4)

Yes, you may purchase guns online and I will ship them to an FFL (Federal Firearms License dealer) of your choice. You will need to provide me with your local dealer’s FFL number prior to shipment.

Items can be purchased in person, at Gun Shows I attend, arranged meetings (except firearms), and I can ship items to you.

Shipping times depend on several factors. Items on hand are usually shipped within one business day. Special order items will take longer depending on if I have the stock on-hand or if I need to order materials in to complete your project. I will provide a reasonable delivery estimate for you based on your order, at the time of ordering. If timing is crucial, please be sure to contact me prior to placing your order.

I use a program called PirateShip to get the best shipping prices possible through UPS, and USPS. My shipping charge to you is to cover that expense, plus a nominal fee for packaging. I don’t make profit on shipping, I just don’t want to loose money on shipping either.