Meet the Owner


Welcome to JP Leathers and Lasers, and JP Custom Firearms.  Thank you for stopping in to meet the owner.  My name is Joel, and I am the sole owner and operator of JP Ventures of Minnesota, LLC.  Along with JP Leathers and Lasers, I own and operate JP Custom Firearms as a federal firearms licensed manufacturer (FFL-07).

I have a varied work/life history.  As a father of four children: three biological and one adopted, I’ve also fostered around 20 special needs/medically fragile children over the course of 12 years.  Professionally I’ve worked in customer service and in IT for a worldwide medical device company, as a Project Manager for a software manufacturing and distribution center, I’ve served for a short time as a Reserve Officer for the Wright County Sheriff’s Office, I am a US Army Veteran, and since 2014 I have worked as a full-time Paramedic for a world renowned hospital system.  Currently, I live and work in St. Cloud, Minnesota.


I have been a hobbyist leathercrafter since 2015 and have finally decided to take my skills into the marketplace.  As JP Leathers and Lasers I offer a wide variety of products and services for the discerning customer.  All my leather products are made from scratch and by hand, right here in St. Cloud.  I mostly work with full grain vegetable tanned leather, and some chrome tanned leather, as well as genuine exotic leathers and hides.  I specialize in wallets, bags, belts, and collars, but have made many other custom one-off items such as keychains, sheaths, holsters, document protectors, and even masks.  If you’re looking for a special gift or simply a personalized item, send me your ideas and let’s talk about how I can craft your one-of-a-kind leather good.

With my recently acquired lasers and design software I now have the capability to add custom markings and engraving to your leather goods.  See some of my past projects here Leather Portfolio.


If you’re looking for laser etching, engraving, or cutting, I have the lasers to meet the challenge on many different materials*.  I can mark, etch, and cut in plastics, papers, fabrics, woods, and leather, as well as mark, etch, and deep engrave in metals and stone.  Whether you’re looking for a set of engraved pocketknives, or flasks for a groom’s party, a customized charcuterie board as a housewarming gift, or a gross of insulated tumblers with your logo on them, I can meet your needs and will strive to exceed your expectations.  For examples of my engraving check out my engraving portfolio here Laser Portfolio.

*There are some materials I am not able to laser due to the toxic gas release during laser vaporization (e.g., PVC emits chlorine gas when vaporized).  If you’re concerned about a specific product shoot me a message and let’s talk about it.


And, as JP Custom Firearms, I am a Federal Firearms License holder and Special Occupational Taxpayer.  I can manufacture, buy, sell, transfer and trade firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition.  Do you work at night, and sleep during the day?  Using online forms I am able to process transfers at all hours, so I can meet your unconventional needs.  Contact me to set up an appointment.